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BIINDS is an audiovisual collaborative project based in Berlin and the U.S.

BIINDS’ atmospheric world is based on the soothing vocals soaked in a luxurious trip-hop and light orchestral ambient mixture.The band’s name was created from the English word ‘to bind’ to stress the idea of collaboration, another ’I’ was added to symbolize that more than one individual is needed to collaborate.

BIINDS - Inner Conflict 4:04
BIINDS - The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out 5:23


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BIINDS have collaborated with several artists such as Aidan Baker (Nadja), Vessels, Rival Consoles (Erased Tapes Records), Dalot (n5md) and received many positive reviews and features in the international press and radio.

"From start to finish, BIINDS is an exercise in restraint and timing. There are no rushed melodies or any demanding urgency to fill space up with dense instrumentation, BIINDS are quite happy to let songs breathe, a listen from start to finish provides a feeling of very pleasant passiveness; the quintessential antidote to a long day at the office." - Echoes & Dust (UK)- Debut Album Review


"Von Anfang bis Ende ist BIINDS eine Übung in Zurückhaltung und Timing. Es gibt keine gehetzten Melodien oder großen Anspruch für viel Instrumentierung. BIINDS lassen Songs atmen.Das Zuhören von Anfang bis Ende gibt einem ein Gefühl einer angenehmen Passivität. Ein exemplarisches Gegenmittel für einen langen Tag im Büro ." - Echoes & Dust (UK) - Auszug Album Rezension


BIINDS haben bereits mit Künstlern wie Aidan Baker (Nadja), Vessels, Rival Consoles (Erased Tapes Records), Dalot (n5md) zusammengearbeitet und mehrere positive Rezensionen und Features in der internationalen Presse und Radio erhalten.

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