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Fitches, Stoner-Blues-Rock, raw, true and always blood, sweat and beers,
Rock 'n' Roll right in your face!
If you see them live you just want to grab a drink and freak out!
Fitches are a bunch of longtime friends from a small town near Dortmund, Germany.
After first musically experiences in the early 2000s they split up and played in several projects
for about 10 years but they never lost sight and stayed friends all the time.
In January 2014 the time was right to meet again at the old rehearsal room.
Fitches were born.
From the first day on they did everything to raise their new born child.
Only one month later they played their first headliner show in Dortmund
and released their Demo-EP „The King Is Born“.
The band played 35 concerts during the first 12 month and in October 2014
they released their first Full Length „King To God“.
And the guys stay hungry.
More concerts in 2015, the Concept-EP „Gods And Demons“ in fall and another Full Length
named “Ravashi” is already recorded and waits to break loose on May 13, 2016.
Fitches love music and that's what they do. Always and all the time!


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