Metal / Melodic Metalcore
Vejle, Denmark
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Lost In Despair

Danish melodic metalcore quintet formed in 2012.

Currently looking for shows in Europe(mostly Germany) from the 11-19th of July. 

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Lost in despair is melodic metalcore band from Vejle, Denmark. It consists of the members:

            Christian Johansen, vocals

            Klaus Schmidt Kristoffersen, guitar

            Mads Risbjerg Andersen, guitar

            Jakob Gundgaard Hansen, bass

            Tore Knudsen, Drums

“The band seeks to combine ferocity with thoughtful melodiousness in a best-of-both-worlds kind of soundscape.” – Tim Larsen, editor,

Metalcore is a genre filled to the brim with clichés and repetition, however, the five members each contribute their own talent and musical vision, which gives Lost in Despair its signature unique and crisp sound.

The band’s first EP ‘Departure’, which was released in December 2012, saw widespread renown for being a unique addition to the metalcore genre. The band’s release of their first single ‘Bright Side’ (2013), and their latest EP ‘Vitality’, were likewise well-received, and praised as being full of enticing melodies, heavy-hitting riffs and energizing beats. Vitality was the band’s first release with the new lead singer Christian Johansen. The band plans on touring Europe this summer, and is now in the process of writing material for their first full-length release.

All of their combined musical efforts come together to form a band you simply HAVE to experience live and let their well-orchestrated tunes move you to the core.


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