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Scarlet Anger

Thrash Metal aus Trier/Luxemburg


Vocals: Joe Block 
Guitars: Fred Molitor 
Drums: Alain Flammang
Bassguitar: Vince Niclou 
Guitars: Jeff Buchette

Scarlet Anger - Game Over 4:25
Scarlet Anger - Prince Of The Night 4:19
Scarlet Anger - Stupid Boy 9:05


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Founded by vocalist Joe Block and guitarist Fred Molitor in 2007, Scarlet Anger from Luxembourg quickly achieved good reputation in their local scene by graping every chance to play live. 

They assaulted the stages from small bars to the biggest venues they could get.

From the very beginning Scarlet Anger didn’t shrink from challenges, so they faced up to different talent contests such as the well-known Wacken Open Air Metal Battle where they assured their position in the local scene. That time, they also won the « Netrock Contest Luxembourg » out of 30 bands.


With the rising popularity of the band they released a 4 track EP called « La realidad es triste… » late 2009. Once again they enlarged their live activities to reach a wider audience.


In spring 2011 the time was ready to a king to be killed. Even that Scarlet Anger was from the beginning a thrash band, this 5 track EP took their music to a higher level, faster and more aggressive. « Kill the King » definitely marked the stepping stone to get noticed by the international metal scene. They got stunning reviews in metal magazines like Metal Hammer and Rockhard. Due to this powerful output they got a world-wide record deal with the label « Dust on the Tracks Records ».


Now the king was dead and a « Dark Reign » digged over the metal scene on 11th may 2012. As the band always tried to raise the quality of their productions, this latest release was mastered by metal-legend Jeff Waters from Annihilator. The international music press has written rave reviews on « Dark Reign ». The band got stunning reactions from all over the world. From South-America to Australia, from Asia to Europe. The band definitely felt rewarded for their hard work and their persuasion over the years.


Now Scarlet Anger shares the stage with bands like SYMPHONY X, BEHEMOTH, KATAKLYSM, DIAMOND HEAD, PRIMAL FEAR, CHANNEL ZERO, TANKARD, and many more!


At the moment the band is very busy on writing songs for their upcoming album 2015. Be assured that this will be a metal-crusher !

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